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Undefined Takes On Supercrawl!

Last updated on November 3, 2019

By Ashley Barry

Undefined performs on the Mohawk Stage. (Ashley Barry/The Royal Gazette)

What is good music? When discussing the qualities that ‘good’ music consists of, we extract songs that connect to our souls. Music with lyrics and rhythms that are so powerful, you feel the raw emotion that spreads through your body. Good music will bring togetherness, and is the language that conveys meaning and belonging into our lives. The mainstream music produced today can arguably be dismissed as qualifying for anything ‘good’ compared to the groups that shaped classic rock, including Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and more.

The band Undefined was formed from five talented musicians at Ancaster High to create a performance that is both refreshing to a generation growing up strictly with R&B artists, and a blast from the past from an era where rock and roll was art and soul. 

With lead guitarist, Brendan Reynolds, keyboardist, Jeremy Ippolito, bass guitarist, Ethan Coleman, drummer, Ryan Park-Lopez and lead singer Maka Goredema, Undefined has embarked on their journey in the music world. Their most recent gig was at the Hamilton Supercrawl. Despite the rain, they played on the Mohawk Stage, determined to perform in front of the large crowd. Band member Ethan remarks that “it was a lot of fun! The gig felt very professional because we had a dressing room, a full stage and a crew working for us.” 

This air of professionalism is new for the band. Undefined started out simple overtime, building their reputation. 

“When I was in Grade 9, I knew that my friend Ryan played the drums and Jeremy played piano, and I wanted to start a band. We got together and started jamming and each of us just clicked,” Brendan reminisces. With practice, ten minute ‘jam seshes’ and learning new songs, the band performed together for an audience for the first time in 2017. 

“We auditioned for the Christmas Talent Show at Ancaster High and introduced ourselves to the school by performing “Come Together” by The Beatles. After that, we started rehearsing in the Music Room in my basement and playing gigs at the school. Then Maka became our lead singer and we started playing at Coffee Houses,” Ethan explained. 

“In our band, there isn’t one leader. We all like each other and have chemistry. Each member brings something important to the group like our diverse music taste.”

Brendan Reynolds, lead guitarist

Undefined gained popularity at our school and now, in the Hamilton area. It is quite amazing how effectively this group of students work together to make creative, energetic and fun performances. 

“In our band, there isn’t one leader. We all like each other and have chemistry. Each member brings something important to the group like our diverse music taste. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Moon Age Daydream’ by David Bowie. I like Southern Rock and the classics like the Allman Brothers, Cream, CCR and Jimi Hendrix. Jeremy likes modern pop, Maka is 80’s and soul, Ryan is alternative and grunge and Ethan is soul and folk. We each learn from each others’ interest in music and it allows us to work together as a team,” Brendan says. 

The band is off to a great start in their career and they’ve stated that their overall goals are to “achieve many more gig opportunities during [their] remaining year in High School and to start recording and producing original pieces.”

Undefined is dedicated and brings the edge and soul of rock and roll back to a generation that lacks the experience of listening to legendary artists that have defined music for decades. They are a worthwhile experience and a joy to listen to. Undefined will be preparing more upcoming performances so be sure to stay tuned!

Check out the band’s Instagram here!

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