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The ‘Mac’ is back! Fleetwood Mac Mesmerizes Their Audience With A Stunning Performance!

Fleetwood Mac has been travelling on their World Tour for over the past year, and had returned to Canada to play five rescheduled shows set in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Toronto that were cancelled last spring due to the band’s lead singer, Stevie Nicks losing her voice from catching pneumonia. The cancellation of the shows at the time had brought devastation to their fans, but this time around Fleetwood Mac returned to Canada with every band member in good health and ready to perform– and as an ode to end ‘Spooky Season,’ I attended their concert on November 1st, held in Toronto at the Scotiabank Arena and was amazed by their enchanting and beautifully composed performance. 

This year’s lineup featured Stevie Nicks; lead singer, Mick Fleetwood; drums, Christine McVie; keyboard, John McVie; bass guitar, Neil Finn; guitarist from Crowded House, and Mike Campbell; guitarist from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. 

Stevie Nicks performing ‘Gold Dust Woman,’ By

Over the course of the night they played their hit songs from the albums: ‘Fleetwood Mac;’ 1975, ‘Rumors’; 1977, ‘Tusk’; 1979, and ‘Mirage’; 1983. The songs I enjoyed the most were ‘Gold Dust Woman’,  ‘Rhiannon’, ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Don’t Stop,’ and ‘Landslide’ although all their songs were outstanding! They also performed two earlier Fleetwood Mac songs by Peter Green called ‘Oh Well’ and ‘I Got You,’ a cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Free Falling’ and a cover of Crowded House ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over.’

I was very excited to see Fleetwood Mac! They have been my favourite band since I was six-years old, when my mom used to sing me their song ‘Landslide’ before I went to bed. Their music is timeless–and every song is meaningful, forceful, and a bit spooky. Stevie Nicks is strong and authentic, and is the only woman to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, once with Fleetwood Mac and recently for her solo career. Stevie doesn’t conform to the typical ideals of how people believe women in the music industry should look or act. She is her best self and does her own thing. She is a badass, whose spirit and attitude I am inspired to chanel every day. I think that’s why Fleetwood Mac puts on such a mesmerizing show because they are unique, real, and raw with emotion when they perform. 


Seeing Stevie Nicks in concert was everything I imagined it to be. From her bouncing silver hair, to her shimmering gold shawl, to her six-inch platform boots, the moment she gracefully walked to center stage during the intro to their opening song, ‘The Chain,’ the audience was captured by her witchy aura and her powerful composition amongst the energizing beat of the drums. When the band sang the first lyrics of the song in harmony: “listen to the wind blow, watch the sunrise,” the sold out arena were on their feet, singing and dancing to the music of one of the most iconic bands in history–and the energy was electrifying. When she sang ‘Landslide,’ it was so quiet, it felt like you could hear a pin drop. Stevie’s raspy voice and Neil Finn picking chords softly on his acoustic guitar made the song sound eerie, echoing in the large stadium. The people to the right of me were crying and I was also crying. It was sung so beautifully that you felt the impact of every lyric in your heart. 

Overall, the night was incredible and when they finished their encore, the crowd applauded and cheered for the band for nearly ten minutes after they had left the stage. I found myself not wanting to move out of seat because I didn’t want the night to end! Fleetwood Mac put on a stunning show and I will never forget how powerful and magnificent being in their legendary presence and listening to their songs made me feel.

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