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Welcome Grade 9’s! Ancaster High’s Grade 9 Night

A highly celebrated tradition at Ancaster High, welcoming our Grade 9 students with a fun event!

Grade 9 night has been a tradition at Ancaster High School for longer than anyone can remember and its legacy has lived on through student leaders and teacher advisors helping Grade 9’s to connect with one another. This year,  the night was one to remember for the grade nine students, as well as the student leaders. The entire night was full of games, fun, and lots of dancing. It will live on as something that made an impression and allowed Grade 9’s to collaborate, socialize, and grow.

 Although many students who participated thought it was a memorable and enjoyable night, there are some things that could be improved for next year. Most of the students believed the dance was the most enjoyable part of the night. Even the Grade 9’s who were not participating in the dancing spent most of the night in the Connect Café eating, talking, and playing games. However, many of the students were sweating because the large cafeteria was too hot. Unfortunately, that meant some of the students didn’t want to join the dancing because of the heat. 

Tug of war game ran by student leaders. By Yearbook club.
Grade 9’s and leaders at the famous Grade 9 Night Dance. By Yearbook club
Grade 9’s having fun at the dance held in the Big Cafeteria. By Yearbook club
Left: Kebin Lee, Jeremy Ippolito, and Ethan Coleman performing for students
By Yearbook club

Now as much as our generation likes to critique and give better suggestions, we still want to give credit where credit is due. As Grade 9’s, we all came in with different perspectives and opinions on high school. At Grade 9 Night there was something for all of us. We met new people all throughout the night and it was easy because we all had something to bond over.

Within our groups, we talked to people we never knew existed, and experienced the sweeter side of high school such as building friendships and celebrating school spirit. The night allowed us to build connections and participate in a Royal tradition. 

However, this year, unlike other years, we got a catered meal–and let me tell you, it was something. As long as the wait was–due to the one glass dish shattering, the meal was overall very good and we mingled with many different groups throughout dinner. Also, when we were outside playing games, most of us were so pumped for everything else that we didn’t care if we were dragged across the ground and possibly injured–it was all fun and games! We still didn’t care when we were extremely sweaty from the mosh pit. Okay, maybe some of us cared about all the body odor, hormones, and sweat, but that was just a taste of Royals culture and spirit. Through all of the ups and downs, this tradition shall continue to live on through the students and school spirit of Ancaster High. It was a night (and a smell)  that shall be remembered through our t-shirts, photos, and friends. We all took something away from that night, and we can only boast about it for the future generations and offer our ideas to make it even better.  

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